Valentines Day / Heart bellasbandanas

16105531_414686435529751_4673294835690933399_nI have  been asked if I will be making any Valentines day bandanas so Bella has had a rummage and got all our heart cotton fabric so you can choose which you would like to order your bandana to be made in .

16266280_417530611912000_7467332744317740204_nTo order you can either message me through here

or message me through our Bellasbananas facebook page and I will get back to you ASAP.

The bandanas are the type that slip on to the collar through a channel at the top of the bandana, they are made from cotton and  the fabric is the same on the back as the front .16114839_355364388170737_6510058976843748316_n


Dark blue mini hearts


Pink and Red hearts


small hearts in squares in blue, green or pink


black vintage looking hearts


Pink with white hearts


hearts on pink or hearts on blue


light blue with white hearts

These are a couple of valentines day bellasbananas I have made already for a couple of orders , I am looking forward to seeing the lucky recipients wearing them and will share their pictures on here with you when they send them to me.

16142214_417534231911638_3756908114958168004_n 16265809_417534161911645_1618862403232522689_n 16114839_355364388170737_6510058976843748316_n

This is gorgeous Willow and her cat Diesel wearing their Valentine’s Day bananasvbkq4wu5



iPad / Tablet/ Kindle rests available and couple of new canvas fabric ones

IPad / Kindle / Tablet /eReader rests available , couple of new canvas fabric ones available



I have been making these for a couple of years now, it’s one of those things that once you start using it you wonder how you managed without it. I have friends who have one in every room of the house even though they are light to carry around , one even takes hers on holiday with her.

I usually have a couple made up at a time but I will also add some fabrics on here for you to choose if you want to have one made .

These are the ones available at moment, they are £8.50 for the cotton ones and £9.50 for the canvas plus £3 uk 2nd class postage .

1a dogs £9.50 plus UK Postage

1a dogs £9.50 plus UK Postage


yellow dogs

yellow dogs £8.50 plus £3 UK postage



Teddies £8.50 plus £3 UK postage

bright dogs

bright dogs £9.50 plus postage SOLD


1 Dogs £9.50 plus uk postage


Perfect for when you are sitting or lying down

Instead of holding machine with one hand you can use that hand for stroking the cat or dog
Saves having to hold machine all the time
Light and portable
Handy little pocket on the side for earphones or treats
Great for those with aching joints
Great for when reading or watching a film

looks nice when not in use

can also be used for reading a book

great to have in kitchen when using iPad /tablet for recipe

You can put machine on it landscape or portrait

As with all handmade items sizes vary but they are on average

can be used to view landscape

can be used to view landscape

can be used to view in portrait

can be used to view in portrait

you can use this form to contact me if you would like to order a rest or have any questions or visit my Facebook page


Something very exciting for Bella & Bellasbananas thanks to Scottys-cartoons

As you know I’m a woman of few words (if you didn’t know I’m an introvert) but I cant stop singing the praises of Helen ‘scotty’King, shes an exceptional cartoonist and when I had a picture in my mind of a typical bellasbananas scene and couldn’t capture it with a photo I thought Helen might be able to come up with a cartoon version of it, Well I have been absolutely blown away by her talent and vision . I described what I was seeing to her and Bella kept sending her photos I not sure if that helped or hindered her poor Helen how many times did she need to see Bellas best side or Bobdaunicorns beautiful horn or hear about Rossi aka babybruv stealing the flapjacks and her toys whilst we were designing wonkyowldoorstops or making star cushions.


Thankyou so much Helen , I’m not sure how Bella kept this secret for so long we LOVE LOVE LOVE it thankyou.


I will be adding Helens link to our ‘friends of Bellasbananas ‘ page in time but for now to see more of Helens work or to get in touch with her click here


Star Cushions 

I started making small hanging star decorations and then a slightly bigger one then a bigger one and now they are available as cushions they come in a variety of sizes and again with most of my things (apart from bandanas) only one or two are made unless they were part of an order.  These are a few of the stars I have made if any of them are still available they will be on the AVAILABLE page when I get them uploaded


Poppy Bananas for Remembrance Day

When I saw this gorgeous fabric with poppies and the words lest we forget , I thought it would be ideal for bandanas or dogs and cats , Bella was persuaded to give up her normal sossige commishun she gets on the items we sell and donate it to the  British legion poppy appeal, so this morning thanks to everyone who bought bellasbananas with poppies and the pouches we donated £40.


These are some of the gorgeous dogs in their poppy bananas and one very special cat called Diesel.


I have had a few people contact me to ask already if I will be doing them next year and I’ve decided I will do them all year round as long as I have the fabric.




15025681_1211915165520919_6510730377930602450_oHopefully I have included all the photos I have been shown of your dogs in their poppy bellasbananas, if I haven’t please let me have a copy and I will add it.

just seen this photo of Diesel the only kitty wearing a poppy banana catching up on this blog bdkqcgkm

 There are still a couple of drawstring pouches still available 


This was the first wonkyowl doorstop and it kept appearing in different places as Bella kept taking it for a wander , I then made a couple of others and they started to show their individualism so I deceided each one would be different and to add to their charm they are all slightly wonky due to me not that great at getting things perfect (even though I try) but I’m told that’s all part of the charm of getting things that are homemade and made with love and attention rather than mass produced.




this wonkyowldoorstop came complete with her owl baby lavender owl


sometimes the owls don’t want to leave on their own so they are accompanied by a baby lavender owl



I don’t make the wonkyowldoorstops to order I just hatch them when I see some fabric that’s calling out to be a wonkyowldoorstop